HSEQ Standards

• HSEQ ST001 “Personal Image to the Client”.

• HSEQ ST002 “Evaluation of Risk”.

• HSEQ ST003 “Personal Protective Equipment”.

• HSEQ ST004 “Emergency Response”.

• HSEQ ST005 “Driving Safety”.

• HSEQ ST006 “Personal Welfare - Health”.

• HSEQ ST007 “Order and Cleanliness”.

• HSEQ ST008 “Environmental Awareness”.

• HSEQ ST009 “H2S”.

• HSEQ ST010 "Work Permit".

• HSEQ ST011 "Incident Report".

• HSEQ ST012 "Education and Training".

• HSEQ ST013 "Radiation Safety".

• HSEQ ST014 "Injury Prevention".

• HSEQ ST015 “Arrival in Location”.

• HSEQ ST016 "Hazardous Waste Management".

• HSEQ ST017 "First Aid”.

• HSEQ ST018 “Change of Management”.

• HSEQ ST019 “Document Control”.


Integral policy of HSEQ (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment.
Policy of Responsibility for collaborated commitments of the client HSEQ guidelines.


In SURPETROL the HSEQ is a matter of attitude and firm convictions, requires commitment, leadership and participation visible.