“SURPETROL, through specialists in production and deposit engineering, provides advisory services of comprehensive analysis of oil deposit information with a vision towards optimizing well productivity and deposit management. We are specialists in integration analysis and real-time data analysis in order to define the optimal follow-up and development plan of production wells, through practical and interactive studies. SURPETROL has an outstanding record of projects where interaction has delivered high value to our clients in their development dynamics at production oil deposits in the short, medium, and long-term. In this sense, SURPETROL closes the analysis cycle which starts with the production data from wells, providing a complete view of well exploitation/production and taking into account the underlying factors at the sites, as well as features and arrangements of superficial production. For all of the above reasons, the assertive decision making for the management of hydrocarbon production is allowed.

The result: optimum field production and increased recovery factor, ensuring maximum extraction of hydrocarbons.

SURPETROL has a team of experts who are experienced in different specific areas and who work as a multidisciplinary team to evaluate the information in a comprehensive way.”


SURPETROL is a world leader in providing services of flow measurement in oil wells with multiphase meters.


SURPETROL, as a supplier of equipment and services for the oil industry, has among its specialties the expertise of artificial lift systems through progressive cavity pumping (BCP).