SURPETROL, constantly works to meet the International standards in Quality, Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health, which are framed in an Integral Management System and has established the following commitments:

• Provide products and services with the highest levels of technology, security, and environmental quality while seeking the    satisfaction of our customers and stakeholders exceeding their expectations.

• Ensure the physical integrity of workers by preventing accidents and occupational hazards associated with the dangers and    risks of our activities.

• Prevent environmental pollution by monitoring environmental aspects of activities, products and services of the organization.

• Ensure the safety and operation of property, plant and equipment.

• Having competent and consistent talent that is committed to the quality, environment, Health and Safety; as well as suppliers    and subcontractors that are respectful of our HSEQ policies.

• To comply with statutory, regulatory and other measures applicable to services rendered, in Quality, Occupational Health, Safety    and Environment.

• Establish evaluation strategies and performance monitoring of our Integrated Management System as a mechanism for    continuous improvement.

• Promote the prevention of alcoholism, smoking, and drug abuse within the organization as a further means of ensuring the    welfare of our human resource.

• Ensure the permanence of the organization in the industry, by promoting economic and social strength.

  The General Manager of SURPETROL is committed to provide the resources necessary for the establishment, implementation,   maintenance, and improvement of the Integrated HSEQ Management System, for which he/she has established objectives and    measurable goals that are achievable through its commitments to each of the

   Compliance with this policy is a condition of employment for all of the staff of the organization.


Quality is complete when it achieves full satisfaction of its customers, services are environmentally friendly, and our partners feel proud of their association.