SURPETROL is an international provider of services for the optimization and yield management of oil fields. The company focuses on developing and delivering innovative solutions to our customers that provides them with technical and economic value. Our services include production testing with multiphase meters, artificial lift systems, and reservoir management consultancy among others.

SURPETROL works diligently to maintain the reputation it has earned over the years, by providing quality services to our customers.

SURPETROL services expand the range of reservoir engineering and production, providing advanced technology through strategic alliances with multinational corporations while maintaining the highest standards of quality, safety, and environmental protection. The corporate office of SURPETROL is located in Houston, TX and has offices in various places worldwide.


SURPETROL contributes to the development of the Global Oil Industry through the provision of innovative services.


Be a world leader in the provision of services for the optimization of oil wells.


SURPETROL strives to deliver quality products with world class service.