SURPETROL, as a supplier of equipment and services for the oil industry, has among its specialties the expertiseof artificial lift systems through progressive cavity pumping (BCP). We offer equipment supply and design services, installation, monitoring, and maintenance. Our goal is always to provide our customers with the appropriate system to implement in each well, maintaining the highest standards of safety, quality, and environmental protection.

The market for artificial lift systems in the oil industry has grown as a viable alternative to increase production for those oil reservoirs that have an inefficient natural lift. SURPETROL is characterized by its research and implementation of new technologies while constantly offering its customers technical and economic solutions that help optimize the
management of their reservoirs.

SURPETROL has a solid corporate structure, optimal distribution solutions, and service centers strategically located to operate in the most efficient and flexible manner. SURPETROL, with its experienced and trained staff, is ready to carry out artificial lift solutions suited to each well when required for each of their projects.


• Low investment costs required.
• Small size and exact weight.
• High efficiency - low power consumption.
• Different elastomers for different applications.
• Wide Range of Production.
• Low maintenance cost.


Low cost of investment required.
Small size and weight to optimize accurate shipments and installations.