SURPETROL gives employment opportunities to recent graduates with degrees in areas that are required according to our needs and portray capabilities to development and grow as well as offer the ability to link students interested
in making work practices or social services as is needed in the different areas in the company.

Students and recent graduates are an engine of growth and development, as such become an important tool for
us, therefore we are committed to support the training development of new professionals.

To apply you must select the option for active vacancies and application, and submit your resume in digital form in the area according to your interest or send your resume to the following email address:

In SURPETROL every employee must understand the values and principles that shape our organizational culture.

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SURPETROL offers challenges and development and professional growth opportunities to interested individuals for the enhancement of their careers.

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Also pass through a screening in order to find integral people with values consistent of the company’s and that posse willingness for growth and improvement.

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