SURPETROL provides opportunities to individuals from technical and non-degreed studies in the area of operations and field work for the company to be part of our group of well testing, becoming cornerstones for the development of our operation as auxiliaries of our lead engineers responsible for each operation in the oil fields on land and at sea.

Candidates must compile requisites, experience and recommendations; also pass through a screening in order to find integral people with values consistent of the company’s and that posse willingness for growth and improvement.

To apply you must select the option for active vacancies and application, and submit your resume in digital form in the area according to your interest or send your resume to the following email address:

SURPETROL is a growing business so we are continually looking for qualified personnel with competitive characteristics that can thrive in a global scope.

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Professionals: Administrative Area, Business Development Area, Operation Area, Industrial Safety and Quality Area and Maintenance Area

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