In Surpetrol we integrate the principles of sustainability in the planification, development and application of our service, keeping our high commitment to social and government environmental responsibility. Our actions to decrease environmental impact, are lined up to Objectives of Sustainable Development in the ability to generate integral value with their groups of impact and the commitment to reach net zero C02 by 2030

Affordable and Non-Polluting Energy

C02 emissions are the main factor contributing climate change, and represent nearly 60% of all global greenhouse effect emissions; therefore in Surpetrol we contribute to the use of clean and non-polluting energy, executing the following measures:

  • Use of state-of-the-art equipment with low electrical consumption and closed cycle work to eliminate environmental polluting impacts.
  • Use of solar panels in 95%+ of our operations.
  • Energy saving campaigns.

Responsable Production and Consumption

If we do not act to change our patterns of consumption and production, we are going to cause irreversible damage to the environment. There is a need to better understand the environmental and social effects of products and services, both in the life cycles of products and how they are affected by their use in lifestyles. At Surpetrol we adopt measures to optimize the consumption of materials in operations:

  • Reduction in waste generation.
  • Waste minimization and management plan.
  • Control of water and electricity consumption.
  • Recycling campaigns.

Climate Action

Climate change is a consequence of human activity and is threatening our way of life and the future of our planet. At Surpetrol we are concerned about climate change, which is why we adopt measures such as:

  • Use of vehicles with an environmentally friendly system.
  • Reduce paper consumption using informatic technology.

Enviromental Aspects

SURPETROL is an international provider of services for the optimization and reservoir management of oil fields. The company focuses on developing and delivering innovative solutions to our customers that provides them with technical and economic value, under the guidelines and directives of international standards.
The identification of environmental concerns is a continuous process to evaluate them and determine whether or not they are significant for the organization that generates or consumes them, in relation to the impact on the environment and the Intervention Measures that help to mitigate it.
Some Environmental Aspects identified in Surpetrol are:

  • Minimization Plan & Waste Management.
  • Reduction in waste generation.
  • Reduction of paper consumption using Information Technology.
  • Use of solar panels in operations.
  • Use of energy-saving equipment.
  • Energy saving campaigns.
  • Use of vehicles with fuel saving system.
  • Use of equipment with systems that allow lower emissions.
  • Adequate waste generation.
  • Use of Geomembranes in operations.