We provide fixed or mobile fully autonomous units for well testing on offshore or onshore operations for any well flow condition and a full operational range (0 to 100% WCUT or GVF) in extra heavy to gas condensate or gas reservoirs. We guarantee accuracy and real time data allowing our customers to increase operational efficiency and improve well productivity.


  • Accurate, timely and reliable information
  • Low operating cost compared to conventional measurement
  • Increased frequency of measurement of individual wells.
  • Small footprint and simpler logistics
  • Non-intrusive technology minimizing deferral of production while testing


SURPETROL has designed autonomous measurement systems that are compact and easily mobilized, which enables the measurement to be highly efficient on individual wells. This allows us to provide our clients a high-precision measurement at low cost in areas such as:

  • Well heads
  • Production facilities
  • Well gathering locations

Experience and Technological Advantages

  • Extensive experience worldwide
  • More than 200.000 successful operations
  • Wide experience in land and marine operations
  • Compact equipment that is easily mobilized
  • Measurement without deferral of production
  • Measuring system with no moving parts and low pressure drops (less than 1.0 kg/cm2)
  • Local and International support
  • Measurements on heavy, light, and superlight oil
  • Robust and reliable hardware
  • Low power consumption
  • Dual Velocity Method, powerful for handling different flow regimes
  • Redundant autonomous verification
  • Independent of changes in H2S, CO2 and viscosity

Information Management

Each of SURPETROL’s units has the ability to transmit the information obtained during the measurement service through their own satellite systems or wireless connection to the integral system of our customer data, to the locations of the operating engineers, or certain control centers determined by the user.