• Integral policy of HSEQ (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment
  • Policy of Responsibility for collaborated commitments of the client HSEQ guidelines
  • Policy of Alcohol and Drugs
  • Policy of the use of Vehicles
  • Policy of ConfidentialInformation
  • Policy of Identification, Tracking, management of client prperty, and product preservation

HSEQ Standards

  • HSEQ ST001 “Personal Image to the Client”
  • HSEQ ST002 “Evaluation of Risk”
  • HSEQ ST003 “Personal Protective Equipment”
  • HSEQ ST004 “Emergency Response”
  • HSEQ ST005 “Driving Safety”
  • HSEQ ST006 “Personal Welfare - Health”
  • HSEQ ST007 “Order and Cleanliness”
  • HSEQ ST008 “Environmental Awareness”
  • HSEQ ST009 “H2S”
  • HSEQ ST010 "Work Permit"
  • HSEQ ST011 "Incident Report"
  • HSEQ ST012 "Education and Training"
  • HSEQ ST013 "Radiation Safety"
  • HSEQ ST014 "Injury Prevention"
  • HSEQ ST015 “Arrival in Location”
  • HSEQ ST016 "Hazardous Waste Management"
  • HSEQ ST017 "First Aid”
  • HSEQ ST018 “Change of Management”
  • HSEQ ST019 “Document Control”

HSEQ Culture

In SURPETROL the HSEQ is a matter of attitude and firm convictions, requires commitment, leadership and participation. All employees are responsible for HSEQ, from management to each of the people in the company, which is why we developed a proactive culture of HSEQ that should be: Learned, Applied and disclosed by all employees as an integral part of our daily activities. Our belief is: Zero is possible! Implementing the HSEQ effectives are valuable individually for each person and bring added value to the company and its customers.

  • Zero, incidents and injuries
  • Zero, emissions to air, water and soil
  • Zero, absenteeism due to medical incapacity
  • Zero, occupational illnesses
  • Zero, nonconformities and customer complaints