Flowback - Cleaning

The return flow in an unconventional well generally lasts between 30 and 120 days. The fluid produced during this phase is a mixture of crude oil, natural gas, water and sand. The use of an acoustic sand monitor that is attached to the outside of the pipe will give the operator an indication of the solids present. The objective during this period is to manage the sand return flow and keep the well open and running so that oil and gas can normalize and flow more freely.
In SURPETROL we offer solutions through state of the art technology that allows you to bring the wells to faster productions, increasing sand removal effectively to ensure the optimization of well fluids, allowing a quick transaction of hydrocarbons.
Our capabilities with flowback include sand control and chokes.

Choke Optimization - Production Optimization

Frequently and derived from the lack of knowledge of the sand production rate, operators carry out unnecessary production reductions. A production cut in the range of 20-75% is quite common in oil and gas wells. Considering the values that represent such production constraints it is worthwhile to evaluate sand monitoring systems as a way to increase production without high investment costs. In addition, it is important to have a system that responds quickly and accurately to improve sand detection. Generally, the operator reduces production immediately when sand is present (or the operator believes that sand is present).
Over time, sand will cause delays in your operations and damage to production infrastructure. If the sand production rate is not identified and monitored in time, this can cause fluid loss, and create the possibility of accidents. Sand erosion causes loss of efficiency, downtime and reduced production.
In SURPETROL through its long experience and team of professionals, will help you control and indicate where problems could arise, quickly identifying the presence of sand in real time, giving you the opportunity to adjust production, reduce maintenance and minimize potential damage. The detailed real-time information will help you optimize production and, in many cases, can make adjustments to increase oil production where sand is not an issue.
SURPETROL gives you the confidence to safely provide all the information you need for increased well performance.