Progressive Cavity Pumps

Progressing Cavity Pumps (PCP) offer a versatile, high efficiency, and low cost artificial lift method for heavy, medium, and light crude oil. The simple geometry of this type of pump is composed mainly of a metal rotor and a stator elastomeric that give great advantages to the system.
Positive displacement pumps are characterized by a constant flow rate even while the discharge pressure varies, which is one of the most important advantages of this type of pump. Additionally, with the progressive cavity technology, fluids containing water, sand, and paraffin can be pumped.
Unlike other systems, the PCP establishes a constant torque inside the oil well; it produces less friction, significantly reducing energy consumption reaching up to 50% in energy savings compared with other methods.

Major System Advantages

  • Low investment cost
  • High pump efficiencies results on power savings
  • A wide range of elastomers are available for various applications
  • Excellent abrasion resistance to sand
  • Wide range of production
  • Highly efficient in handling viscous fluids
  • Safe and Environmentally friendly
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Simple design requires no valves to gas lock
  • Installation depth to: 6700 ft