September, 2013

Fortune Magazine’s Article on Dr. Horacio Ferreira

Fortune Magazine, a leading global business magazine, is one of the world’s most influential media, and it is addressed to more than 550,000 readers in over 60 countries across 4 continents: Europe, Middle East, Africa, and throughout America, including Mexico.
On September 24, 2013 the magazine visited the facilities of SURPETROL for an interview with Dr. Horacio Ferreira on the investment in Mexico’s energy sector, the energy reform and SURPETROL’S development plans in Mexico.
Dr. Campos said that Mexico is a country with great potential, it has a privileged geographical position and this is why SURPETROL arises to provide innovative solutions to the oil industry with technologies that create added value by maximizing the deposits in Mexico. – “SURPETROL has a specific approach, managing nonrenewable resources and trying to maximize productivity and take care of the fields. We consider ourselves field doctors, monitoring wells, providing a clear analysis and constantly innovating to find alternatives and solutions for PEMEX, which are milestones in technology and added value.”
On the issue of energy reform, Dr. Ferreira said that it is respectable how Mexicans have kept their resources, but now an opportunity for Mexico arises. – “There’s a lot of positivism in terms of energy reform and a major challenge of growing need for resources. However, there must be a lot of organization so that the investments are maintained. SURPETROL knows the deposits and we prepare for the changes; we’re constantly gathering information so that we can take part in the changes when they come.”
This article will be published in December 2013 in Fortune Magazine’s Collector’s Edition, “The Investor’s Guide”, known for its International Investor’s Guide.